Vampire: The Requiem


Articles concerning the world of Vampire.


Vampire variants

Clan and Covenant

New Clans, Covenants, and Bloodlines.

The Borzaya
Russian and Eastern European werewolf hunters - by The Space Pope.
The Celebrochan
A bloodline addicted to the blood of the fey - by Claive
Order of The Crimson Flesh
Ordo Dracul faction fascinated by flesh and vitae - by Claive

Powers of the Blood

New Disciplines, Devotions, and the like.

Reject Famine’s Lullaby
a bloodless awakening created by Claive
Calling Down the Gods
a Cruac ritual that allows a coterie to summon a patron spirit to them. Created by Claive

Allies and Antagonists

Vampire-related creatures and character types

Immortal Sinners

Vampire-related NPCs

The Ventrue Conspiracy
a eugenicist organization lead by a group of "pure-blooded" Ventrue. Created by Claive