The Ventrue Conspiracy

The Ventrue Conspiracy

Kindred NPC organization

Historically, the Ventrue as a clan has sought out positions of authority and used clans other than their own to fulfill their own purposes. Members of this secret society differ from other Ventrue in that they believe that the place of “lesser” kindred lies in extinction rather than in servitude. In their eyes many “lesser” vampires are by their very natures a threat to the masquerade that they strive so hard to maintain. They use this ideology to rationalize their Xenophobia as they attempt to remove the more conspicuous strains of vampirism that could threaten the masquerade, namely any clan besides their own. Their extreme views have led some to even attack certain Ventrue bloodlines (or even lineages) who deviate too radically from their ideal vision of vampiric perfection.

It is rumored that the Ventrue Conspiracy originated during world war two but some suspect that it’s roots are far deeper. Supposedly a group of Ventrue in Nazi Germany decided that eugenics should be applied not only to the kine but to the kindred as well. So they began a eugenics project with the lofty goal of removing any trait that impaired a vampire’s ability to effectively participate in the masquerade from the kindred population. Sadly the war was not sufficient to stamp out the majority of the kindred who hold these views.

The favored tactic of members of the conspiracy is to use one clan against another. By provoking one clan to attack another a Ventrue can cause the violence to escalate without appearing to be involved. After the first clan is attacked, they counter attack pulling in allies from another clan and things quickly spiral downward from there. The Ventrue instigating the fighting does their best to seem uninvolved while subtly working to keep the conflict a clan issue rather than a covenant or personal issue.

Nosferatu are by far the easiest initial targets of the conspiracy’s propaganda. Many Nosferatu have unnatural features that easily mark them as inhuman. Even those that don’t have overt physical signs of their curse have something about their very nature that is repulsive to kindred and kine alike. Inciting violence against those who are feared is easier than one might think. The line between fear and hatred is a very fine one.

Those outside of the conspiracy who become aware of it generally dub it “The Ventrue Conspiracy,” much to the chagrin of Ventrue who do not support the conspiracy’s ideology. This name comes about because it is difficult to tell if any particular Ventrue is trying to control the kindred around them simply because they feel it is their right to do so or if includes the hidden motive of the eventual extermination of other clans. Considering the general level of kindred paranoia the belief that all Ventrue are participants in the conspiracy does not seem so far fetched.

Arguably any Ventrue who uses their power in an attempt to exterminate any particular clan is knowingly or not a member of the conspiracy.

(Yes I am aware of the venture bloodline from the Carthian book with similar tendencies. I felt that the theme of the conspiracy and that bloodline differ enough for both to remain interesting. )

Author: G. Turner
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