Sons of Anarchy (compact)

The Sons of Anarchy "Redwood Original 9" founded SAMCRO in 1967 following their return from


service as paratroopers during the Vietnam War by John Teller and Piermont "Piney" Winston. Currently run by Clay Marrow, SAMCRO keeps meth traffickers out of Charming, CA, which puts them at odds with the meth-distributing white supremacist "Nords" gang, headed by Ernest Darby. The SOA also have to deal with a rival Oakland-based MC, the "Mayans", led by Marcus Alvarez. Unlike their rivals, the Sons are relatively diverse, having members from many races and religions, as well as disdaining the Nords' social perspective.

The Members of the Sons have never pretended to be heroes. Since 1979, This gang of grease-covered Bikers have defended the streets of their local chapter by killing things that have no right to exist. And they do it with a brutality befitting the creatures of darkness they defend their towns against.

SAMCRO, The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original, in Charming California, was the home of John Teller, who was, by the standards of the day, a Motorcycle Hippie. His original dream for SAMCRO was a commune that would support the town he loved. Unfortunately thing didn't go as planned. John Teller was attacked and killed by a creature that was beyond their ability to explain. In retaliation SAMCRO launched an assault on the beast's lair.

Many of SAMCRO's regulars died that night. The rest ran off. The survivors were labeled outlaws and John Teller's death was pronounced to be caused by a semi hitting him and dragging him for miles. When "Piney" and Clay returned to the scene the next day to dispose of the bodies of their fallen comrades, none were found save a few gnawed and chewed bones.

A few days later Clay took the ceremonial .50 caliber bullets made of silver and engraved with the names of the seven dead "originals" created while in Vietnam incase they all decided Suicide was the only choice left to them. Clay loaded these rounds into his gun and set out to take his revenge of this creature.

He waited there, at the site of the massacre, for hours dreaming of mounting the beasts head on the wall in the chapel, to his disappointment this was not to be as the creature slowly reverted to a human form after death. Still he had his revenge and over the next decade SAMCRO discovered a vast "menagerie" of supernatural creatures that lurk in the night.

These days the chapters of the Sons of Anarchy exist more of less independently from one another but they all pay SAMCRO for the use of the name and it's list of members.

The Enemy

The Sons of Anarchy take some care to cultivate relations with other individuals who hunt down monsters. It usually plays out like this: a couple of SOA regulars accompany a group of unaffiliated hunters as they track down their supernatural quarry. The SOA tend to be hired by groups that gather information so these more intellectual group can avoid rushing in with guns blazing. When their clients have done the boring stuff, the SOA sideline them, then roll in and take care of business.

After that, all bets are off. The Sons of Anarchy use whatever tools it feels like, most assault rifles, but members have been known to use antique battle axes and broad swords.
The Son’s knowledge of the monsters is woefully inadequate in many ways. What they do know is the creatures of the night can be just like them. There are roving Motorcycle gangs of vampires and werewolves. These are their most common targets when not hired out by other groups. Mainly because they are competition like the Nords and the Mayans.

A lot of members of the Sons of Anarchy are missing eyes or limbs, or sport spectacular scars.


The Sons of Anarchy accept most people as members The Patch-In process is generally long and demeaning though as you can't become a member until you make a kill - and not just against a rival gang - this tends to irritate most Prospects, but the full members find it amusing, so it won't change.


Many crews and philosophies exists among the SOA and have even changed through out the years but a few are pretty hard and fast.

The Reapers treat the whole thing as sport, and the others as their competition. They have to have the largest body count, above all. They have to kill or capture bigger, nastier or weirder quarries than their colleagues. Life is nasty, brutish and short for this lot. It’s also, to them, a great deal of pleasure.

Members of the Anarchists want to know secrets. They want to know the most about the creatures as they can. They want to see and experience, rather than do. While some go out there and perform unspeakable acts, the Anarchists gather the information and record the hunt, circulating DVDs and privately printed documents among their fellows, containing the juiciest events of the hunt.

Libertarians, on the other hand, want to break taboos. They want to do things that no one has done to things that no one has done things to. They want to find brave new worlds. Many adopt a Byronic pose, imagining themselves as creators of new moralities, new paradigms of living. Most of the things they do revolt even the members of the SOA.


Status within The Sons of Anarchy comes from what you’ve killed and, to a lesser degree, who you know. But mostly it comes from getting a reputation for being loyal to the club, for putting on great parties, for doing violent things to your quarry.

• You’ve asked to join, and you’ve already received your Prospect Patch. You've been to some raids and have seen some outrageous things. Unfortunately you've likely seen people die. You gain the Emotional Detachment for free, if you didn’t have it already.

••• You can use rooms in the local chapter’s clubhouse as a place to stay. This is equivalent to a two-dot safehouse (see p. 70), with the dots assigned to Secrecy, Cache or Size in any combination you wish.

••••• You can call SAMCRO and get the address lists of members across the country, who will supply arms, Crow-Eaters and bait, and arrange hunting parties for you. You just need to ask. This is equivalent to four new dots of Contacts. These dots are assigned to Legal Aid, Vice, Arms Trafficking and Sons of Anarchy Networking.