Reject famine’s lullaby


Reject famine’s lullaby
Coil of blood 1, Coil of flesh 1, Resilience 3)

This devotion is useful when a kindred is through coincidence or design forced into starvation. When starvation would normally force the kindred into torpor this devotion gives them a little more time to find food before they are claimed by the torpor brought on by their lack of vitae.

A member of the Order of Crimson Flesh who was terrified of torpor developed this power in hopes of fending off the long sleep if only for a little while. Since it’s discovery this devotion has spread throughout the faction and almost all who are able to learn it do so. This devotion is not shared with those outside of their faction.

Cost: 1 will power, 1 point of bashing
Action: Reflexive

Instead of using blood to wake for the evening the character rises through sheer force of will. This ability may used only when the character would otherwise enter torpor due to lack of blood, as this power is partially fueled by the stress and fear resulting from their starvation. Using this power adds further stresses on both the mind and body but those who master this devotion feel that it is worth this cost.

The use of this devotion inflicts one point of bashing damage on the character and they may not regain willpower so long as the stress from the devotion remains. The next vitae the character spends to heal after activating this devotion returns their ability to regain willpower but does not actually heal any physical damage.

Despite the effects of the first coil of blood this power only animates the vampire for a single evening, though it may be used repeatedly until the kindred runs out of will power. This ability may not be used if the damage resulting from it would cause them to enter torpor anyway.

Exp cost: 15 (?)

(The coil of flesh is described in the Ordo Dracul book)

Author = G. Turner