Submission Policy

Anyone with a registered Wikidot account can create content within Axis Tenebrae. We prefer authors post and create their own content rather than the moderators, as authors should have first ability to update and change their own work. Moderators will simply work as minor editors and insure content is parented correctly.

Understand that any add-on that is a derivative of a White Wolf game can potentially be claimed the property of White Wolf and its parent company. Original independent work, on the other hand, is yours to own.

All content must meet the following criteria.

  • Please link to any lengthy forum discussions within your page as "Original Source".
  • Your real name or the alias of your Axis Tenebrae/ Wikidot account (or other forum persona) must be associated somewhere with your work. This is both to protect your copyrights and to insure correct attribution. Real names and/or initials will better cover your copyright claims if you are challenged.
  • Works in progress are fine so long as a description of such is placed in the link description, at the header or in the opening paragraph.
  • Please try to keep your page as concise, well-written and well constructed as possible.