Order of the Crimson Flesh

The Order of Crimson Flesh
Ordo Dracul faction

The Society of crimson flesh is a loose collection of Ordo scholars who investigate Kindred biology and the relationship between a Kindred’s vitae and flesh. Though they did not make the initial discovery of the first coil of flesh they were instrumental in discovering the second and third tiers and have made several other significant discoveries in their time.

Many members of the Order of Crimson Flesh approach the great work with a very materialistic point of view. They feel that understanding the nature of the kindred’s biology will eventually allow them to improve their bodies. Improvements to the body will eventually result in improvements to the mind. They prefer to work with things that they can see and touch rather than the ethereal ideas of the spirit, the soul or “the curse.” They feel that improvements to the mind and body will are more practical than improvements to any such intangible aspect but infer that physical improvements may naturally lead to improvements in other less tangible areas. To this end they endeavor to research kindred and ghoul anatomy and biology (such that it is). As of yet they have not achieved the physical transcendence that they hope for but research continues.

Sadly, many members of the Ordo Dracul feel that the Order’s efforts could be better spent elsewhere. Compared to the other Coils of the Dragon the Coils of flesh are seen as having little use except perhaps to fuel it’s practitioner’s vanity. Many inexperienced kindred who become practitioners of the coils of flesh have an addiction for the blush of life and expend large amounts of vitae maintaining these effects. Studies have been conducted to see if Kindred who already possess such an addiction seek out mastery of the coils of flesh or if their study leads to this addiction, but so far these studies have been inconclusive. Some feel that the Order of Crimson flesh is purposefully dragging out the studies to prevent the results from negatively effecting their political position.


One must be invited to join the Order of Crimson Flesh, though showing interest in their activities is always appreciated they do not share their secrets with those who have not shown their worth. For the Order to consider inviting someone into their ranks the subject must, at a very minimum, demonstrate mastery of both the first tiers of the coils of blood and of flesh, be a member of good standing in the Ordo Dracul and solidly grasp both medicine and the biologic sciences. Without these skills they do not feel that the prospective member would be able to master their secrets. Most members of this order are sworn of the dying light.

Membership Costs

A character is expected to share their work with their fellow members. Failure to do so at least once every five years causes the society to retract one’s membership until one has corrected their error. Elder members of the Order are sometimes given exceptions to this rule. Additionally, the lower ranking members of the Order are expected to participate in experiments that are often either very painful, force the character into starvation, or both.

Membership Benefits

The character gains access to a network of Ordo Scholars scattered around Europe and North America that may perhaps aid them in their studies of the coils of blood or flesh. Additionally they may find teachers for the Order’s devotions. Tutoring in the coils or the Order’s devotions is not given free of cost. The Order of the crimson flesh is a research organization not a charity.

Notable members

Dr. Samuel Valiant, Philosopher of carnal hunger and inspired alchemy and Traveler of the dying light is one of the founding members of this Order. Dr. Valiant was embraced gangrel nearly two hundred years ago. He does not acknowledge nor mention his clan and due to his mastery of auspex and disinterest in either animalism or the shape shifting arts many believe him to be a younger Mekhet. The distinction is hard to notice because he has worked long and tirelessly for his academic achievements and has attacked any claim that he was ill suited to an academic position with animalistic tenacity. To reinforce his reputation of intellectualism he uses his apprentices like secretaries, having them check all of his work for logical errors, mistakes, typos, etc. Every one of Dr. Valiant’s apprentices to date has also had at least one of their idea’s stolen and published in his name but each has also learned many lessons involving both the great work and academic subterfuge in the process.

Despite his high status in the organization Dr. Valiant volunteers to participate in many experiments he sees as promising.


These devotions are the result of their research and are only shared with members of their faction.

Reject famine’s lullaby
Coil of blood 1, Coil of flesh 1, Resilience 3)

This devotion is useful when a kindred is through coincidence or design forced into starvation. When starvation would normally force the kindred into torpor this devotion gives them a little more time to find food before they are claimed by the torpor brought on by lack of vitae.

A member of the Order of Crimson Flesh who was terrified of torpor developed this power in hopes of fending off the long sleep if only for a little while. Since it’s discovery this devotion has spread throughout the faction and almost all who are able to learn it do so. This devotion is not shared with those outside of their faction.

Cost: 1 will power, 1 point of bashing
Action: Reflexive

Instead of using blood to wake for the evening the character rises through sheer force of will. This ability may used only when the character would otherwise enter torpor due to lack of blood, as this power is partially fueled by the stress and fear resulting from their starvation. Using this power adds further stresses on both the mind and body but those who master this devotion feel that it is worth this cost.

The use of this devotion inflicts one point of bashing damage on the character and they may not regain willpower so long as the stress from the devotion remains. The next vitae the character spends to heal after activating this devotion returns their ability to regain willpower but does not actually heal any physical damage.

Despite the effects of the first coil of blood this power only animates the vampire for a single evening, though it may be used repeatedly until the kindred runs out of will power. This ability may not be used if the damage resulting from it would cause them to enter torpor anyway.

Exp cost: 15 (?)

The enduring Masquerade
(Coil of Blood 1, Coil of flesh 3, Resilience 2)

This devotion allows a kindred to extend the duration of the blush of life but it may not be used unless the character has already activated other abilities, making it’s regular use vitae intensive. This power is frequently learned as quickly as possible by those addicted to the blush of life and becomes a handicap in overcoming their addiction. This devotion was developed by the Order of Crimson Flesh and is only shared with members of their Order.

Cost: 1 vitae
Action: Instant

This devotion may only be used if the character has already activated the second and third coil of flesh. This power extends the effects of the second coil for the rest of the evening.

Exp cost: 18 (?)

Blood from the stone
(Coil of blood 3, Coil of flesh 1, Protean 2)

The Order of Crimson Flesh wondered that “If a wounded kindred may convert their vitae directly into new flesh, could that flesh not be converted back into vitae?” This devotion is the fruit of their labors to answer that question. This devotion is not shared with those outside of their faction.

This devotion allows a kindred to break down some of the “less necessary” regions of their flesh, transmuting it into vitae that may be used for other purposes. Due to it’s inefficiency few still teach this devotion. Though there are those who are still willing to teach newer members this curiosity… for a price.

Cost: 1 will power, 1 point of aggravated damage
Action: Instant

Upon using Blood from the stone the character immediately takes one point of aggravated damage as their body shrivels and becomes emaciated. In exchange for this “pound of flesh” vitae begins to enter their system. At the end of every round that the character could potentially have spend vitae but did not they gain one point of vitae per vitae they could have potentially spent but didn’t. This lasts until they have gained three vitae. A character may not use this devotion if it would directly cause their destruction.

Example: A character who may spend two vitae per round activates this devotion. They immediately take one point of aggravated damage. They also spent a single vitae to activate a discipline the same round they activated blood from the stone. At the end of the round they would gain one vitae. The next round they do not spend vitae and gain two at the end of that round and at that point the devotion has no further effect.

Exp cost: 18 (?)

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Author = G. Turner