Of Myth And Monsters



Known as guardian lions in oriental myth the mighty Shi are revered around the globe. They are mighty but noble beasts who serve as guardians to there master’s castles and temples. Admired by there Fae masters they were often seen standing ever vigil outside there grand castles. Due to this selflessness in protecting that what they hold dear the Shi have the ability The Guardians Roar for a point of Glamour the Shi increases the defence of one ally by +2 for one scene of Combat per day.


Created by the Fae curious about the stories they had heard of the America west the Jackalopes are a strange fusion of rabbit and antelope that were usually used in games of deceit due to there blessing. The Ever Changing Voice he can change his voice to mimic that of any sound he's heard in person. The player may do this at will, gaining a +3 dice bonus to Wits + Subterfuge mimic attempts (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 87).



Death rides on a pale horse, the spectre vision of a lone figure draped in black riding a horse is something that resonates across various cultures. These darklings are items of fear created to become heralds of there masters word. There visage has caused many of them to be labelled as Revelation's Riders they gain a free drive specialty to riding horses (or animal ken for horses I don't know off hand) and gain 8 again on all intimidation checks




The followers of Dionysus where known for there wild and savage dancing, changelings who find themselves captive of strange Fae who tried to recreate ancient myth often find themselves becoming one of these. They are known for there rage and fits of frenzy as the dancing overcomes them and there enemies and so are known for The Dancer's Rage by spending a point of glamour the Maenad adds her Expression skill to all attack rolls. The Maenad also gains a free Dancing specialty.


These changelings were created to be fools and jesters for there masters. There chaotic whims and mad pranks served well in matches the Gentry played among themselves for various titles and prestige. This habit ensured many easily escaped from there Master through guile and craft. Puck's are known for there Chaotic Grace they gain the 9 again rule on any Expression or Socialize rolls involving wordplay(such as telling stories or performing comedy routines), and always adds one to there Dodge total when dodging attacks



In the Epic of Gilgamesh the Humbaba was the guardian of the Cedar Forest where the gods lived. These days most would have called it a Changeling created to guard the boundaries of there domain, stories tell of many ogres who escaped Arcadia only to find themselves protecting the trods of there respective freeholds so the name stuck and most call the lion based giants Humbaba. There aura is that of fear and are known as A Terror To Human Beings all Humbaba get a +1 bonus to any attack roll made against mortals and to human supernatural’s who have been the target of an successful Intimidation roll.



These tricksters of the night love a good drink as is usually the case in how they were taken, usually thieves who got lost while trying to steal another man's wine. They are usually employed as guardians of the local freehold to protect the drink they love so much from anyone who would intend to take it. There blessing is that off Fierce Drinking the Clurichaun can spend a point of glamour to overcome any poison and its effects (alcohol included)


Featerfoot's were the tribal doctors of the Dreamtime myth they were capable of many feats. They were great healers and could even talk to animals. In Arcadia most Featherfoot's are those who looked after and ensured the well being of the livestock there masters kept. To this extent they get Totem Talk they treat the Contract of Fang & Talon as an affinity contract and gain 9 again to all animal ken rolls


The Domovoi is a household spirit from Slavic folklore known for dwelling in houses and acting as there guardian. Created by members of the Gentry who use them to look after there vast estates and protected them from agents of there rivals. To this end the blessing they were given was The Household Advantage by spending a point of glamour the Changeling gains +2 to all rolls when inside a house of someone he knows personally