Independent Homebrews

Hero: The Legendary
From mortal to god to legend
-by RockDude1984

Hunchback: The Lurching
-by Kurt McCoy

Mad Scientist: The Experiment

The Mirrorshade Project
Cyberpunk in the nWoD
-by R.E. Davis


Demon: The Return
An unofficial revision of
"Demon: The Fallen"
for the nWoD.
Working on Inferno adaption.
- by Evo Shandor

Gargoyle: The Atonement
Imprisoned children of Empyrea seeking redemption. (Work in Progress)
- by MrWhisper

Planeswalker: Eternal Journey
- by Fides_Spero_Amor

Risen Template
Short minor template for playing an undead Risen
- by The Wyld

Angels in the World of Darkness. (Work in Progress)
- by Blunt Vorpal

Angel: The Driven
Angelic proxies of The Directive
- by Ryeran