Extra Kiths



The flying squirrel, gliding snake, lizards and various other animals are but a few experts of animals capable of gliding through the air to reach there destination. Often they were taken by the True Fae to serve as scouts easily reaching high places and gliding to there next destination. There blessing is known as From Down On High by spending a point of glamour the Changeling can dive from up to 100 yards without taking any damage whatsoever, he also gains +3 to climbing checks.


A murder of crows, a shrewdness of apes, a pack of wolves. Changelings who spent time as a large pack become known as Collectives named after the grouping of animals in which they spent there durance. There skills have been forged through working together and have come to be imbued with the ability to encourage others to work as a team. There blessing is Pack Tactics with a point of glamour the Changeling can give all members of the Motley +1 to any task that all characters are involved with.



The magic mirror is a staple of the fairy tale and these Changelings are the Darklings that have been treated as advisors to masters that never listen, there intent is to simply have them reassure them or give them words of praise but sometimes they need to hear wise words on what to do next to this end they gain Mirror Mirror On The Wall… when asked a question the Changeling can spend a point of glamour to act like he has the Common Sense merit also they gain the 9-again on any roll to answer a question for another person.


"That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die. The True Fae take many cues from the writing of HP Lovecraft to the point many believe that he might have been a Changeling himself. These who are kidnapped and turned into monsters that reflect the famous writer’s mythos become known as Lovecraftians. They range from Cthulhu type monsters with ragged wings and slimy tendrils to the Deep Ones with their scaly hide and sharpened claws; they are hideous to behold and to gaze up on them is to know true fear. They are known as followers of** The Way Of Madness** once per day the Changeling can spend a point of glamour to force anyone whose shadows touches his to roll a Resolve + Composure roll minus the characters Wyrd. If they fail it is treated as failing the roll to overcome a Phobia (World of Darkness rule book pg 97)


These rather unique Changelings were created by there masters who were interested by supernatural to become near perfect versions of other supernatural races for there own unique reasons. From the Changeling whose fanged features would have many of the covenants assume he is one of there own to the giant wolf that is welcomed into the tribe as a visiting member. While still Changelings they have the Touch Of The Supernatural, which gives them the benefit of the 8 again rule when dealing with the supernatural’s they mimic and gain a free occult specialty for that chosen group as well.



The direct opposite of there fellow elementals the Null's are a vacuum to there own kind. Created to be jailors and torturers to those of the elements the Nulls have the ability to Consume The Element: At character generation the player picks one element and with a touch, he can absorb that chosen element to heal his own injuries. Once per day The player can spend a point of Glamour when confronted with said element he can absorb it gaining health equal to half his Wyrd. When used against a target made up of the chosen element the power works exactly like the Leechfinger’s kith blessing (CtL pg 106)


These Changelings are created from gears and machinery, usually turned into automatons to serve in there masters factories. There gears forever turning Clockworks usually escape by mistake only realising what has happened to them as they blunder through the hedge to freedom. Perfectly suited to construction they are "Built For A Reason" giving the Clocking the contracts of artifice as an affinity contract and gain the 8 again rule on a craft specialty of there choice.



Nymphs in Greek myth were known by many different names but most refer to Dryad's as those who lived in the woods. Changelings who are captured and turned living forest of beauty are often given the nickname Dryad to reflect on there new look and the durance they endured. Those who escape find themselves blessed with Natural Beauty the changeling gets the benefit of the 8 again rule on Survival rolls and also gain the Striking Looks Merit for free at two dots; if the Dryad already possess the two-dot version, then it increases to the full four-dot version.


From the black stallion running free to the great white deer that stands watch over the forest this Kith represents the animals whose grace holds no bounds they are living pieces of art whose presence is a thing of beauty. These changeling have the blessing Majestic Inspiration they gain the 8 again roll to Expression dice pools and for a point of glamour can re-roll any failed Expression checks.



Shreks are the classic swamp dwelling creature. There lack of hygiene is infamous to the extent there arrival is usually announced long before they actually appear. Most Shrek's were in Arcadia sewer cleaners and likely cleaned up after there masters pets. This line of work ensured a certain dislike for personal hygiene. There Vile Odor is infamous among the freeholds. By spending a point of glamour the Shrek begins to reek a smell so bad that everyone around must roll Resolve + Stamina or become nauseated by the smell. As a result of there lack of hygiene Shrek's lose the 10 again roll to Socialize rolls


The Devourer hungers and can eat anything in its path. Usually created as a cheap & easy way of moving materials The Devourer can consume anything it comes across and gains The Eternal Hunger The Devourer can ignore the first three points of durability when using his teeth. If he makes a successful bite attack against an Opponent the Devourer can spend a point of Glamour to reduce his Opponent's armour bonus by 1 for the rest of the scene. The Devourer gains the Iron Stomach merit and the ability to consume any known substance if the changeling does not already possess it.


The cousin of the Bloodbrute, Thornthug's were changelings mostly used in the Hedge for various purposes from catching fleeing Changelings to raids against Hobgoblins. While all changelings have the ability to shape weapons from the Hedge itself (Rites Of Spring pg 128) the Thornthug differs in the fact its Natural Mayem only requires a point of glamour to activate and the weapon lasts as long as the Thornthug is in the Hedge.



These changelings were once captains, dockmasters, quatermasters or various other men and women born with sea legs taken to oversee the Ports of the Gentry. Where mighty ships were created but never used and strange creatures caught in the oceans of Arcadia would be brought for mighty meals. These changelings were created to oversee such operations. Their talent is Running A Tight Ship. They gain the 9 again rule for rolls related to Nautical based specialties and for a point of glamour to gain +2 dice to manipulation and intimidation rolls for the rest of the scene.


From the goblin counting his gold to the greasy salesman who knows the car he is selling you came from a chop shop the Merchants of the Changeling world are stereotypically greedy a trait usually bestowed upon them by there masters. They always seem to have a Businessmen’s Candour : the merchant’s player may spend a point of Glamour to add two to all Manipulation based dice pools for the remainder of the scene. Furthermore the character gains a free persuasion specialty of there choice to best reflect there business ethic.