Dhampirs are the children of a vampire and a human. LIke familial ghouls, they are born with the touch of Vitae in their veins, but in many ways, they are the opposite: where ghouls are a resource, dhampirs are a complication; where ghouls are slaves, and susceptible to vampiric power, dhampirs are resistant, and can make superlative hunters; where ghoul families offer at least a community of like-afflicted people, dhampirs are a lone aberration.

But How?

Dhampirs are rare, so much so that most vampires think they're a myth (and that may be so in most settings). But in the event that dhampirs do exist, what might allow a vampire to interbreed with a human in the first place?

Is it something special about the vampire? A specific clan, or a specific bloodline? Or a change that must be made in the blood - akin to joining a bloodline, and perhaps closed to those who have done so? Is there a minimum (or maximum) Humanity the vampire must have? What about Blood Potency? Is it a power: a Devotion, Cruac ritual, or Spoiling preparation? Is it just something a few vampires can do while most can't? Does it depend on how long they have been a vampire, whether they have been in torpor, or whether they have Embraced?

Or maybe it's the human partner that must be or do something special. Mortal kin of the vampire, or someone they loved in life. A member of a special bloodline, be it royal or supernatural. Perhaps it is the human who must enact a ritual.

The human mother of a dhampir is likely to have a difficult pregnancy and birth (-2 dice to any related pool, for her, or for a doctor or midwife). While folklore concentrates on a vampires fathers and human mothers, it can be the other way round: a pregnant vampire is at least spared many birth complications, but during the nine months, must spend double the normal amount of blood to remain animate (should she fail to do so, the pregnancy will miscarry).

Oh: a mage or werewolf can serve as the "human" parent of a dhampir, though they will not pass on any aspect of their condition to the child.

Weaker Version

I have two versions of dhampirs, one as a merit, the other as a template. The first version has:

  • Unseen Sense (Vampires/Vitae)
  • Immunities to the Kiss, blood bonds, and uniquely, blood addiction.
  • Blood sympathy effects with their vampiric parent (and vice-versa).
  • Dhampirs have sickly bodies: the 10-Again rule doesn't apply to Strength and Stamina rolls, and 1 detract from successes.
  • Dhampirs can drink vitae to become ghouls; if so, they have the same experience costs and logistical issues when it comes to Disciplines. Without a supply of vitae, they do not have access to Disciplines or other ghoul/vampire powers.
  • Dhampirs age normally unless they become ghouls; if they do become ghouls but later lose access to vitae, they start aging again normally rather than reverting to their chronological age.
  • When a dhampir dies, she will rise as a vampire, of her parent's clan.

This is a 5-dot Merit, and can only be taken at character creation; it is lost should the character go through a supernatural transformation like Awakening.

Stronger Version

This has the same characteristics as the previous version, plus:

  • Supernatural Resistance 1.
  • Blood Pool of Stamina + Resolve. Regains 1 Vitae per 2 days, or can drink blood (doesn't cause the Kiss).
  • Can use Vitae for standard vampire purposes.
  • Disciplines now cost x8 (affinity) or x10 (non-affinity), though the ghoul logistics still apply.

This version doesn't have a merit cost; it's applied as a straight template.