Demon: The Return

Update: Working on WoD Inferno Adaption. See bottom for sneak preview.

This is a new unofficial revision of Demon for the White Wolf "World of Darkness" game system. The game is a stand alone (using normal core rule book) or can be played with: Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening, Promethean: The Created, Changeling: The Lost and Hunter: The Vigil.

Download the PDF - Version 2008.10.31 (beta release)

By: Evo Shandor (aka: Scott R)
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What are the differences are between my new version of Demon and the old official Demon?

Mechanically, many things. Mainly because the new World of Darkness uses a different system, but I've added and tweaked some things.
The main mechanical change was the addition of a Modus (or X-Splat). All Demons have a method of return, be it animating a dead body or taking over a person. There are 5 (plus others) and they determine the base starting point for the Demon.
The next big mechanical change was changing Torment into Turmoil. More than a name change. It would take a while to explain, but just know that Turmoil is like Torment was for Evocations, but if the Demon limits his power use, he can avoid the Turmoil. He has to have a high Psyche (Morality trait) as well. Lore, now called Domains, have been converted to the new system. Some changes were made to a few, some are gone and others are almost the same.

Thematically, Demons are no longer "fallen angels". I never did like that White Wolf threw out their whole cosmology base and pretty much said that Christianity was right (OK, they did not actually do this, but it seemed that way).
Then, what are the Demons? Their origins are not completely known. Most were gods and beings that were worshiped. Others were simply powerful beings returning to this world. But they all were forgotten and were left to Exile (A state of not existing yet being aware of it. Pretty much Hell). When they come back, they have to give up almost everything (the world rejects them and their power). But it is worth it to them since they are back (and not in Exile).
It is very important to realize that these Demons barely remember their old existence (they have given up so much of their identity). Some of them (Demons on the Modus of Rebirth) only remember their lives growing up human, and have to figure out what they are.

Houses are the Y-Splat. Houses are not the old Houses. They are more like the old Factions (a few even have the old names).

If anyone wants to help, I need:
1) Art - I'd like some more pictures for it. I've done a few myself, but would like more.
2) Fluff - Stories would be nice. Something to put in the first chapter.
3) Play Testers - The mechanics haven't been tested enough yet. I need people to play them or run them as NPCs and let me know what was good, bad, confusing and needed house ruling.

Preview: WoD Inferno Adaption is Starting


Technically any spiritual being is capable of some form of possession; although, this one is unique from normal possession. Human beings have souls. Souls are powerful and set humans apart from the rest. When most people are possessed, their soul is pushed aside. This usually creates a power struggle that the person would eventually win, if given enough time. However, when a Daemon possesses a human, they squeeze in next to the soul instead of suppressing it. These Daemons take a back seat, becoming part of the person without trying to take over completely. This gives the Daemon a foothold to avoid the eventual expulsion that other possessing spirits deal with.
These Demons always have the voice in their head. Sometimes they even believe they can see this passenger. Maybe they do. One thing is for certain, the Daemon speak with the person only when it desires. Most of the time, the Daemon is perfectly happy to sit quietly inside and watch.

Nickname: Hitch-hikers

Preferred Attribute: Manipulation or Intelligence

Boon: Because the possession is only partial and the Daemon is only taking a passive role in the back seat, the character essentially has two beings in one body and thus two wills. Thanks to this, the Demon has two Willpower pools. The first is the normal Willpower pool that all Demons have. The second is the Daemonic Willpower pool. This pool’s size is equal to the character’s Dominion. The character may spend Willpower from this pool as normal Willpower is spent. Although, the character may not spend Daemonic Willpower to resist Urges (See Urges in Chapter 4). Also, as an optional rule, the Storyteller may allow the “Double Down” rules from WoD: Inferno page 121.

Bane: The separation of Daemon and soul in the character’s body causes the Daemon to act as a “floating voice” in the character’s head. Because of this, the Daemon can voice its desires easier. A voice in your head telling you to “Do it. Do it, now!” is much harder to resist than a simple Urge. Thus, all rolls to resist an Urge are at a penalty equal to the character’s Dominion score.

The Merged: A blend of soul and Daemon? It must be so quiet inside their head. I don’t know if I should feel sorry or be envious. <You should pity them.>
The Reanimated: Walking corpses. <Such is our power, to rise above death.>
The Reborn: My Daemon rides with me. Why would one want to be alone from the start? <They give up so much, but at least they get to forget for a time.>
The Revived: They may look like the old person, but they’ve moved on and only their Daemon remains. <Empty vessels are rare to find.>
Vampires: I think I can relate to them. I hear they have a beast that can control them when it desires. <I don’t control you. I just ask hard.>
Werewolves: Stupid, mindless animals. All they want to do is destroy us. <Such a beast could never destroy me. I would simply move on.>
Mages: All of that power and no Daemon to guide them. <Humans were never meant to have such power.>


All Visages will change from 1-5 dot Visages into 1-3 dot Visages meaning a 4 or 5 dot Visages will become a 1, 2 or 3 dot Visage and may change their workings. Even though WoD: Inferno Vestments have specific durations and costs due to their rank, Visages will have durations and costs unconnected to rank (except converted Vestments, see below).

Converting Vices/Vestments:
The Vices/Vestments in WoD: Inferno can be converted to work in Demon: The Return with some general alterations.
1) Vices become “specialties” in the (new) Domain of Sin. Example: Domain of Sin (Lust). A character can possess multiple specialties in the Domain of Sin. Note: This new Domain and its specialties will be described in the updated Domain section.
2) Vestments become Visages of equal rank. Example: The rank 2 Vestment “Eyes of Above” becomes a rank 2 Visage. Duration and cost for each of these new Visages remain unchanged (exceptions below).
3) For all Vestments, any reference to Willpower points (or Infernal Willpower points) that the Infernal Possessed would gain or spend, now refer to Faith points for the Demon. This includes: activation costs, Willpower gained by draining normal Willpower from anyone else, etc. Exceptions include any references to Infernal Willpower as a rank that effects the Vestment. In those cases, use the character’s Dominion rank.
4) Any reference to “all of Vice dots possessed”, changes to rank of the Visage (Vestment) + Dominion rank. This includes: the duration of 3 dot Vestments, bonuses to dice roles, etc. Also, similar references to the related Vice as a rank, change to rank of the Visage (Vestment).