Czars Of Twilight

(Eldritch Entitlement created by MasqueofCrump)

Original source

Prerequisites: Wyrd 6, Mantle (Sun or Moon) any level, Court Goodwill (Sun or moon) any level, Subterfuge 5

The feud among the courts of sun and moon is legendary, despite the fact that there are some among the number of both courts who understand the need for both courts. A select few among them have the capacity to foster cooperation among members of the two, and even fewer among them are ever even approached by The Czars of Twilight. The potential initiate is rarely ever contacted directly: instead, he is placed into a series of situations that test and expand his ability to work with members of both courts: he may be required to betray an ally within his own court in order to preserve the balance, and vice versa. After he has been tested sufficiently, and often painfully, he is approached with the offer. Before or after he is sworn in, he is usually made to swear at least one oath to keep the entitlement a secret.

Then, the real work begins: the purpose of The Czars of Twilight is to maintain the balance of both courts and to insure that the conflict both continues and is also prevented from becoming so pervasive that it threatens the freehold. Often, this means working themselves into positions of power in both courts, although they must be careful to avoid suspicion: should they be discovered, they will likely be treated as traitors by both courts. Thus, the organization is highly secret.

The changeling's mien takes on the features of whatever happens to be dominant, day or night, to a greater intensity than many of their brethren, but there is at least some slight and subtle hint of the opposite court.


Mask of (Day or Night)

This power's name is deliberately a misnomer: it leads the person who learns of it to believe in a literal mask that allows the changeling to take on the appearance of a courtier of the opposing court. Instead, the changeling undergoes a natural process: at daybreak and nightfall, his mien and mantle shift to reflect the attributes of the court moving into power. His court goodwill and Mantle ratings switch places. Also, he is afflicted with a certain duality: as per the functional multiple personality merit (Changeling core, forgot the page Embarassed ) and he has a simple time believing that he is a member of said court, until he comes across some task involving his role as a czar. He only needs 4 hours of sleep per day.

Mirror's Familiarity

The changeling only pays half the cost of his new court contracts when learning them if he knows the equivalent contract within his own court. They are considered favored. However, they face the usual difficulties of using contracts of a court they no longer belong to during the opposing hour.