Changeling: The Lost


Articles concerning the world of Changeling.


Changeling variants

Kith and Kind

New Seemings and Kiths, Courts, and Entitlements.

The Zodiac Courts
a system of Courts based on the Zodiac - by sammi.
The Czars of Twilight
a bridging entitlement between the Courts of Moon and Sun - by MasqueofCrump
The Hands of Time
True Fae agents of the Watchmaker - by Hammerone
Of Myth and Monsters
New kiths based on creatures of lore - by Lanowar
Extra Kiths
Additional kiths including Beast Collectives and Fairest Dryads - by Lanowar

The Wyrd

New Contracts, Tokens, and the like.

Contract of Primal Eros
a Contract for seduction - by Midsummersnight.

Allies and Antagonists

Changeling-related creatures and character types

Grim Fears

Changeling-related NPCs