Calling down the gods


Calling down the gods
Cruac 5, Crucible Ritual merit, Fontal Ritual merit

This ritual was created by an ex-dragon geomancer turned Crone. Through this ritual the character contacts a particular predatory spirit who if it is properly placated may be asked to form a spirit compact with the summoner and those present. To summon such a spirit the character must be in a place of significant spiritual energy of a sort that would be attractive to such a spirit, many summoners also offer other gifts.

Cost: 5 Vitae per participant
Dice pool: Presence + Occult + blood potency + gift modifier -1 per participant
Action: Extended

A coterie of vampires attracts a host spirit as per werewolf the forsaken. The spirit is always associated with vampiric themes and demands frequent payment of vampiric essence for their services. A vampire may only have one host spirit at a time.

All of the kindred who participate in the summoning may donate exp to purchase the spirit compact background (similar to the totem background), the more dots purchased in this background the more powerful the spirit summoned. Kindred do not need to know this rite to participate in it, but if the kindred that performed the rite exits the spirit contract it is broken for all participants.

Learning to perform this rite gives the character three dots of the spirit compact background each time they participate in the rite without additional exp spending, regardless if they are performing the ritual or not. They may still choose to spend additional exp to purchase the fourth and fifth dots but these dots do not carry over if they enter into any subsequent pacts.

Cost: 27 exp

Author = G. Turner