Vampires are predators- it is a basic aspect of their nature. However, many Damned do not truly embrace this nature. They seek to manipulate, seduce, or frighten their victims into giving up their blood with minimal struggle. They chase weak, easy prey.

Not so among the bloodline known as the Borzaya. These terrors of Russia and Eastern Europe do not merely feed; they hunt. Nor do they settle for simply any prey- a Borzaya caught feeding from a pig or a drunkard would be ostracized by his bloodline. Wild boars and bears are considered acceptable quarry, as are fierce mortals and fellow vampires; the most prized prey of the Borzaya, however, is the mighty Lupine.

The story of this very old and fairly widespread bloodline begins with the Kindred Pyotr Mikhailovich Mironov. A Russian nobleman and avid hunter in life, he was much the same in death. In his love of pursuit, he attained a position first as Hound, then as Sheriff, but even these did not satisfy him. He began seeking blood from rarer and more challenging sources- the soldier, the bear, even one trip into Siberia in search of the elusive and mighty Amur Tiger. Throughout his unlife, Mironov took a special interest in the whispered warnings against venturing into the Lupine-infested wilderness. These, he thought, must be beasts truly worthy of being hunted!

After many searches, he discovered one of the major factors that must be accounted for when hunting Lupines: they can change their form. His inability to recognize them for what they were in their human shape led him to his change of the Blood- he sharpened his sense of smell, hoping to be able to recognize the Lupines by scent, so he could flush them out even when they attempted to hide.

And so the Borzaya were born. Tonight, Mironov himself has been missing for at least a century, either sleeping off the thickness of his blood in torpor or lost to Final Death as a result of a hunt gone wrong. While few of his descendants actively hunt Lupines still, but those that do are the stuff of Kindred and Uratha legend. Even so, modern Borzaya still feed upon targets that are more interesting than average Kindred fare- they refuse to feed upon the drugged or upon tame animals, as a point of honor. Following their founder's example, many Borzaya serve as Hounds or Sheriffs, while others wander from domain to domain, offering their tracking abilities in exchange for privileges and a blood price.

Parent Clan: Gangrel

Nickname: Wolfhounds

Covenant: Most Wolfhounds are found in the Invictus or the Circle of the Crone- big-game hunting aristocrats and raw, sacred predators. A few exist in other covenants and amongst the Unaligned, but it is a small minority.

Appearance: There is only one uniting theme in the appearance of the Borzaya- fearsome. From the imposing nobleman, to the feral savage, to the urban warrior, they give off an air that warns you to watch your step.

Haven: While they generally do maintain a traditional haven somewhere, most Borzaya learn that a Haven of Soil is of immeasurable worth when they spend nights pursuing prey.

Background: Borzaya have had time to spread throughout Europe, and into portions of the Americas. Members of the bloodline rarely embrace mortals who don't already show an aptitude for some sort of thrill seeking, or admit Gangrel who seem lazy in their feeding habits.

Character Creation: Wolfhounds tend to eschew social abilities in favor of outsmarting or simply overpowering their prey. The Social skills that do tend to see use are Intimidate and Animal Ken, for flushing out prey and dealing with the hunting animals many Wolfhounds keep.

Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Resilience, Protean (Wolfhounds may take the form of a wolf, or they may take instead the form of the Psovaya Borzaya, also called the borzoi or Russian Wolfhound, from which the bloodline takes its name. Use wolf stats), Auspex

Weakness: In addition to the Gangrel weakness, the Borzaya suffer a drawback to the hypersensitivity of their sense of smell: when within 10 yards of garlic, the Borzaya must spend a willpower to not leave immediately due to the offensiveness of the odor. Even when the willpower is spent, they suffer a -2 to all active rolls using Mental or Social skills due to the distraction the scent provides.

Organization: Aside from a period of mentorship between sire and childe and occasional hunting parties, the Borzaya are largely unaffiliated with other members of their line.

Concepts: Thrill-seeker, big-game hunter, bounty hunter, apex predator.

Fury of the Hellhound-
(Protean 4, Vigor 2, Nightmare 1)
Fighting lupines is a trying endeavor, which few Kindred are physically up to. This Devotion was created with that in mind, and attempts to even the playing field by allowing the user to assume a greatly empowered form.
Cost: 1 Vitae (in addition to one Vitae to activate Protean 4)
This form is a monstrous version of the vampire's wolf or wolfhound form. In this form, the vampire's claws deal +1 L, and their teeth +2 L; size becomes 6, strength grows by 2, and he gains two bonus dice to any Wits+Composure pecreption roll. In addition, any being attacked by this form must reflexively roll Composure+ Supernatural Trait- failure to gain a success on this roll causes them to flee at their earliest possible opportunity. Each turn, they may roll, Composure+Supernatural Trait to attempts to cease fleeing. This power lasts for one scene.

This power costs 24 experience points to learn.

Body of Twilight
(Auspex 5, Protean 5)
Another advantage of werewolves that many vampires fail to realize, much less counter, is their spiritual ability. While this Devotion does not allow the user to interact with the Shadow, it does give an effective method of assaulting a werewolf's spirit allies, and of attempting to enter their territory unimpeded.
Cost: 1 Vitae
This power allows the vampire to make their body, clothing, and small items (one which can fit in clothing is a good rule of thumb) Twilight. Unlike Twilight Projection, the vampire can use Disciplines in this form, but physical augmentation only aids in combating other beings in Twilgiht, and Disciplines involving communication may only be used against targets that can perceive the user.
This power costs 27 experience points to learn.

Scent the Trail
(Protean 4, Auspex 1)
Fierce hunter they may be, even the Borzaya may not finish its prey on the first try. This Devotion helps them finish what they started.
Cost: 1 Vitae
The vampire may spend one Vitae to learn to location of any creature whose blood he has tasted in the past lunar cycle. This does not give precise coordinates, but the vampire does know what direction they are in. This sense of direction persists until the next sunrise.
This power costs 15 experience to learn.

Stoke the Rage
(Animalism 5, Auspex 4)
Cost: 1 Vitae
Dicepool: Manipulation + Empathy + Animalism versus Composure + Primal Urge
This Devotion functions much as Animalism 5- Leashing the Beast, but targets the Rage of a werewolf. By using their telepathic powers t push their thoughts into the mind of the lupine, they can pull the animalistic Rage much as they can the Beast of Kindred. On a success, the user may send a target into Death Rage, choosing to have them behave either as normal or as if they had a wound in their last three helth boxes, or they may calm a werewolf already in Death Rage.
This power costs 24 Experience Points to learn.