The Seventh Lineage

Deep in the salt mines under Detroit, the Refuse watched as the gears of the God-Machine chewed away at Cancer Boy, as it had done before with Carla Two. Unlike Carla, Cancer Boy had not gone quietly into the gears; but it was done. The Hand of the Principle watched impassively as Cancer Boy was crushed to a fine pulp, and then turned to the group.

It spoke: "It is done." The gears began to slow, and the poisonous radiation began to dissipate. As the arch-qashmal faded away, it spoke one last time: "In Philadelphia, the Seventh Seal shall be broken, and the Prodigal shall complete its task. What falls must rise again, and what rises again will eventually fall. And woe to all who live should this come to pass."

There is a story told among the Prometheans of a great being, long ago cast out of Heaven. This entity felt great remorse, and sought a way to return to its former brethren. To that end, it started to inspire the creation of the Prometheans, with each Lineage embodying one of its vices so that it could take that burden from its own shoulders. To date, the Prodigal Demiurge has managed to divest itself of six of the Vices, leaving only Lust. What will happen when it divests itself of the final Vice is unknown; but it is likely to be very bad for humanity. (For more details on the Prodigal Demiurge, see Magnum Opus, pages 30-32.)

Biological Prometheans

The Seventh Lineage was originally conceived as a "McGuffin Lineage" for an extension to the "Water of Life" series of adventures in the Promethean books. As illustrated in the prologue, the protagonists learn of a new threat to humanity, a plague that will be unleashed upon humanity unless they act to stop it. The Seventh Lineage is the Biological Promethean, a walking contagion that infects everything with which it comes into contact.

The Lineage need not be used in such an apocalyptic manner; another way to view the Biological Promethean is as the second of three "HazMat Lineages", the first being the Nuclear Promethean and the third being the Toxic Promethean. In this alternative, there need be no connection between the Biological Promethean and the Prodigal Demiurge.

This Lineage is patterned loosely after the Nuclear Promethean described in Chapter Three of Saturnine Night, but with biological hazards substituted for radiation hazards. It has its own set of Bestowments, along with Infection Transmutations that play a role analogous to the Irradiation Transmutations of the Zeka.