Latest Additions

02.10.09 - Empyrean added to the Indy Homebrews - Created by Blunt Vorpal
01.28.09 - Order of the Crimson Flesh added to the Vampire covenants - Created by Claive
01.26.09 - Risen Template Short minor template for playing an undead Risen - Created by The Wyld
01.26.09 - Endowments Without Conspiracies Hunter Merits and mundane tools that don't require conspiracy involvement - Created by SunlessNick
01.16.09 - Planeswalker updated by Fides_Spero_Amor
01.05.09 - Reject Famine’s Lullaby & Calling Down the Gods added to the Vampire devotions. Created by Claive
01.05.09 - The Celebrochan, a fey addicted bloodline, added to the Vampire homebrew. Created by Claive
12.28.08 - Comments regarding Transmutations added to the Hephaestians page by dataweaver
12.27.08 - Extra Kiths added to Changeling homebrews by Lanowar
12.26.08 - Son of Anarchy compact added to the Hunter homebrews by DemonChild
12.26.08 - Updates made to Planewalker: Enternal Journey by Fides Spero Amor
12.26.08 - Of Myth and Monsters kiths added to the Changelings homebrews by Lanowar
12.20.08 - Borzaya bloodline added to the Vampire homebrews by The Space Pope